Audiovisual poetry festival “TARP”

What is “TARP”?

  • “TARP” is international audio-visual and experimental poetry festival which is the only one which connects multidisciplinary arts and poetry in Lithuania;
  • “TARP” is sharing audio-visual poetry with the formula – poetry + video + audio;
  • “TARP” has been held since 2006 in various non-traditional and popular places in Lithuanian cities.

“TARP” purpose:

  • Developing and disseminating audiovisual poetry traditions in Lithuania;
  • Expanding the information field of audio-visual poetry (especially with the use of information technology);
  • Promoting interest in poetry in modern society, using a non-traditional synthesis of art forms;
  • Encouraging the cooperation of artists from different fields.

“TARP” program usually includes:

  • Visual poetry exhibition (photos, graphics, paintings and so on)
  • poetry screening competition, submitted work reviews;
  • Carrying out the live audio + video + poetry events (performances, concerts, actions, poetry and musical improvisations, poetry slams and jams);
  • Educational part (lectures, seminars, workshops).

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