Pandora Box and Madona Bomb

Pandora box is opening with the spring event of TARP festival. It explodes with Natalia Fedorova. Xenia Zimmerman and Celia Bland performance on the 1st of April in Vilnius.

Natalia Fedorova is a new media artist, writer, literary scholar and translator. Natalia is an author of publications on avant-garde poetry, kinetic poetry, concrete poetry, hyperfiction, literary text generators and video poetry, as well as a curator and creator of VIDEO.txt, videopoetry festival in St–Petersburg. In collaboration with Taras Mashtalir she founded Machine Libertine, a media poetry project.

Xenia Zimmerman, born in 1990 in Oranienbaum, St. Petersburg is a poet and essayist. She studied Literature at Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, there she met the poet and translator Arcadii Dragomoshchenkowho became her mentor, and introduced her to the American and Russian school of experimental poetry. Her work was published in literary web-magazine

Celia Bland and Dianne Kornberg have released Madonna Comix collaborating together in 2012. Propelled by an initial collaboration for “The Poetic Dialogue Project”, Celia has been working with poets for the past five years to create image/text pieces. This cross-disciplinary collaboration is a transformative process that is moving into new conceptual and visual territory. (

Explosion entrance is free.

Photo: Darius Jurevičius (